The perfect tool for your fresh homemade preparations

Why ALISA HOME Food Mill?

  • Easy & comfortable to use with 3 notched legs that allow the food mill to stand stable on pots and bowls

  • A sound rotation mechanism that ensures proper and easy food processing

  • Ergonomic design with a big size gripping handle

  • Made in Italy with high-quality materials which include BPA-free plastic and stainless steel

  • Easy to disassemble disc and handle for cleaning and storage

  • No need to peel or core apples for your favorite apple sauce


Is it Flimsy or Smarter?

Alisa Home Food Mill is made with BPA-FREE plastic, a safe material suitable for processing hot food and prevents staining.


The stiffness of a material can make it breakable, ie more inclined to show microcracks in the constant stress points, or in case of shock. The flexibility of a material allows the instrument to vary a little its size while working, absorbing and distributing the applied forces.

In the case of our food mill the BPA-FREE plastic bowl has a fairly balanced grade of stiffness and flexibility.

This was the choice of our designers to give you a food mill lightweight, functional and durable.


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